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In Memory of Paul Milburn

On November 25, Groundswell International lost a tremendous friend and supporter. Paul Milburn, of Shawnee, Oklahoma, died at the age of 85. From our founding in 2009, Paul has been one of Groundswell’s most generous and faithful supporters.

Steve Brescia, Groundswell’s Executive Director, said: “Paul helped us with initial seed funding to create our program in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Since that time, that program has blossomed to also include rural communities in Ghana, Mali and Senegal, and is helping many thousands of family farmers to regenerate their land, grow more abundant food, earn income and create more hopeful lives. Paul has been a faithful supporter throughout, and we will always be inspired by his generosity of spirit. His partnership and legacy with Groundswell will live on in the abundant farms and hope filled hearts of people in so many rural communities across West Africa and the world.” 

In 2015 Paul Milburn established an endowment, the “Groundswell International Milburn Legacy Fund for Africa,” with an incredibly generous $1 million gift. We are grateful for Paul’s friendship and support, and he will be incredibly missed.


Paul with his wife Ann. Photos courtesy of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.

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