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Strengthening the Agroecology Movement in Ghana. [VIDEO]

Real change comes from giving farmers the opportunity to succeed by investing in their capacities to organize, improve their farms, and spread real solutions across thousands of families. Learn how you can make a difference. Please support Groundswell’s efforts and share this video! 


As a part of our regional program in West Africa, Groundswell is collaborating closely with our Ghanaian partner organization CIKOD, as well as allies like the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG), on a multi-pronged strategy to strengthen the agroecology movement in Ghana to create more productive, healthy and sustainable farming and food systems from the ground up.  Key elements of the strategy include:

  • Farmer-to-farmer agroecological innovation:   Testing and spread effective strategies to regenerate land and soil fertility, improve and diversify production and family wellbeing, and build resilience to climate change.
  • Shifting government investments:  Encouraging the most effective use of government budgets to support and incentivize appropriate agroecological farming, as opposed to misallocated subsidies to chemical fertilizers and inputs. (Report on Agricultural Subsidies in Ghana)
  • Strengthening the farmer’s movement:  Working with CIKOD and PFAG and other civil society organizations to strengthen local as well as a national agroecology movement in Ghana that can support farmer-centered agroecological innovation, spread it, and work for enabling policies.  
  • Strengthening local markets:  We are launching a pilot program to strengthen local markets in order to agroecological production, build rural economies, and provide healthy food to local populations.

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