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Will your seeds grow?

Dear Friends, Jasper is determined to succeed. He is determined that the seeds he plants this spring, on his farm in Savanette, Haiti, will produce enough food for his family for the year, and extra to sell for income so that his children can go to school. We think he has a good chance. Because […]

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Steve’s Field Notes: Regenerate in 2017

Dear Friends, Now more than ever, we need to create farming, food systems and local economies that regenerate our land, our families’ health, and our communities.  We also need to regenerate our hope, solidarity and commitment. That is what Groundswell International is all about – connecting circles of people who work together to build that […]

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Harvest Update: Grow Food Where People Live

The following is an update from Sydney Klein, Program Coordinator for Grow Food Where People Live, Groundswell International’s program in Western North Carolina done in collaboration with Polk County Government and the Mill Spring Agricultural Development Center. Grow Food Where People Live is grounded in a bottom-up approach to community-based food production and economic development, and builds on […]

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Steve’s Field Notes: Learning Visit in Brazil

Dear Friends,  Last week, I returned from an invigorating trip with our regional partners in Latin America and new allies in Brazil. We met to draw lessons from the excellent work being done in Brazil to improve the lives of rural communities by spreading resilient, ecological farming and to strengthen local food economies. We were […]

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Steve’s Field Notes: West Africa & Haiti

Dear Friends, Groundswell is about catalyzing change – not just implementing short-term projects. When Groundswell was established in 2009, we made the intentional choice to create a partnership of rooted local organizations led by visionary people. We believe that the creativity and initiative of our partners around the world will strengthen and shape our global […]

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Steve’s Field Notes: What Kind of Farming Do We Want in 2050?

Dear Friends,  When I visit with farmers in their communities, it’s easy to see the benefits of the sustainable farming practices that they are using.  Yet in the international media, debates rage about whether shifting to sustainable farming, or expanding industrial agriculture, will do a better job in the future of feeding the planet and […]

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Steve’s Field Notes: Our Collective Power

Dear Friends, How do we mobilize the resources we have to create the future we want? I’ve been thinking about that question during recent travels to Central America and West Africa. I recently returned from Guatemala, where I supported Groundswell’s Regional Facilitator for Latin America, Jackie Chenier, in her facilitation of a workshop to plan a campaign around […]

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Steve’s Field Notes: Groundswell in Action

Dear Friends,  Groundswell’s role is to partner and work with local organizations to spread solutions from the ground up. This month, I had another opportunity to see that vision in action at a training center in Wa, in the far Upper West region of Ghana. We gathered with partners from Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Mali to coordinate and […]

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