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Lankoande Francois, Re-creating Farmland in Burkina Faso

In 2012, Lankoande Francois’ land in eastern Burkina Faso was barren. He could not produce enough food for his family. Then Groundswell International and our partner organization, Association Nourrir Sans Détruire (ANSD), began to work with Lankoande and other families in the area to improve their farms. 

Lankoande and his family tried a number of agroecological techniques to stop soil erosion, capture rainwater, improve soil fertility, and diversify their farm. By 2016, they regenerated six acres of land- literally re-creating farmland. They now produce on six acres what other farmers in the area need 22 acres to produce – a productivity increase of over 300%. “We have enough food for our family for the whole year, and will sell this surplus for income.”


Please watch this brief slide show to see how Lankoande and has family have made this progress, how they are spreading this knowledge to other families, and how you can help. 


Lankoande Francois, Farmer Hero in Burkina Faso from Groundswell International on Vimeo.

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