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Pobaadou Lankoande, Transforming Her Life with Agroecology

Pobaadou Lankoande has transformed her life with agroecology. Thanks to the support of our amazing donors, Groundswell International has played a vital role. Pobaadou has her own inspiring story, lifting herself out of poverty. But it goes beyond that. She is a leader, and has spread her success to many other women in surrounding villages in Burkina Faso.

In West Africa’s Sahel region where we work, 20 million people face hunger every year – often eating just one meal a day. To survive food shortages before the next harvest, some women have taken to searching out the giant termite mounds that dot the landscape, breaking them apart with their hoes, and gathering the grain stored by termites for their families to eat.

pobaadouWith Groundswell’s support, Pobaadou found another path. She created a women’s group with 43 other women, and together they developed a small vegetable farm and are regenerating the once barren soil.

As a result, in addition to producing enough nutritious food for her own family, Pobaadou earned over $425 each of the last two years, selling surplus vegetables at the local market. This is in an area where the average income is only $197 a year!

“Now I can say that I left the vicious cycle of poverty”  Pobaadou Lanokande, farmer in Burkina Faso

Pobaadou’s success is just one example, but her story is similar to many of the women we work with. By organizing with their fellow women and learning valuable farming and entrepreneurial skills, women are able to: feed their families healthy food, invest in their farms, build more secure houses, pay school tuition, and invest in their children.

As a community volunteer, Pobaadou is teaching other women like her how they can make the same kind of changes in their own lives. Now, because of Pobaadou, there are many other women overcoming hunger and poverty.


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