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In a world where there seems to be an endless stream of bad news, it’s important to remember that every day, men and women are working to make the world a better place. Two years ago this month, we released a series of four videos sharing what life is like for the farmers we work with around the world. These women and men are transforming their families and communities by participating in and advocating for healthier food and farming systems, stronger local seed systems, and better management of natural resources like soil and water. Watch and be inspired by their stories, and learn more how we partner with local organizations around the world to empower family farmers.

Solving Hunger Farmer-to-Farmer in Burkina Faso

Learn how family farmers in Burkina Faso are preventing food crises in their communities, growing more food for their families, and improving livelihoods through savings and credit groups.

Produced by OnePass Productions

Canastas Comunitarias: Community Supported Agriculture in Ecuador

Meet family farmers like Elena Tenelema who are working tirelessly to recover and strengthen native seed, promote healthy food production through sustainable farming, and improve rural livelihoods of farmers living and working in Ecuador.

Produced by Ben Depp and Alexis Erkert

Cultivating the Future: Women Farmers in Ghana

In this video, watch how women farmers are organizing themselves and helping each other by sharing their experiences and by restoring native seeds. Also hear from Groundswell’s partners in the field as they work to protect indigenous seeds and build on the existing capacities of farmers and the systems they already use.

Produced by OnePass Productions

Strengthening Rural Communities in Haiti

In this video, see how farmers are building farmer-to-farmer networks to share effective methods for revitalizing the soil, retaining water, and ultimately, growing more healthy food for their families.

Produced by Ben Depp and Alexis Erkert


These videos will also be available on the Groundswell Facebook page, so please share with friends and family to spread the word about the importance of investing in transformational local leaders like the ones showcased in the films.

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