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West Africa Visit in Photos

Two members of our coordination team recently returned from a trip to West Africa to meet with our colleagues and partners, and the farmers we work with to build a healthier and more equitable food system from the ground up. Their trip led them to a Groundswell regional conference in Ghana where our partners from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, and Senegal came together to share successes and challenges from the last year, and to plan for the year ahead. Check out a series of photos from the trip and see how your support is making a difference in the lives of thousands of family farmers.



Groundswell staff and team members of our partner organizations at the Groundswell West Africa Regional Conference in Fada, Burkina Faso in early December.


Carmel, CIKOD’s accountant, is talking with the local media in Burkina Faso, who interviewed our partners and conference participants on the work we are doing in the Fada and across West Africa, to share with other people throughout the country.


Tsuamba Bourgou, executive director of ANSD, during a community meeting at one of the villages we work with in eastern Burkina Faso.


Rhonda Devan, Groundswell’s Finance Director, with a women’s group in eastern Burkina Faso. The woman in the blue shirt to the left of Rhonda is on the leadership training team that travels to other villages to teach other women about agroecological farming methods.


Left: Before agroecology techniques. Right: Farm land after techniques were implemented which resulted in double the crops compared to the prior year.


A woman leader sharing her story during a community visit in Eastern Burkina Faso.


Lankoande Francois is one of the farmers we partner with in Burkina Faso. He and his wife are smiling because they are standing with their children in front of their FULL graineries after harvest, and there is enough food for the year plus surplus to sell.


Women in Burkina Faso celebrating their successes.


Empower, Regenerate, Tranform

You can make difference in the life of a family farmer


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  • Dutel Lucile October 20, 2017   Reply →

    Mrs, Mr,

    Currently student in the master Globalization and sustainable development in South countries at Sorbone University, I’m searching an internship in the south country and in the sector of food security and rural development. I would like to know if you propose any internhsip or could help me in my search, if you know any agency that propose internship which permits to work on the resilience of local communities, on food autonomy, and eventually permits to work on development program ?

    I thank you in advance for you help,


    Lucile Dutel.

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