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Documentary: Can the Solutions to Climate Change Help Us Fix Poverty Too?

This post is the third in the series “Considerations for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference”

We are excited to share a new documentary with you from Earthrise that focuses on how the solutions for climate change – including agroecology – can also help end extreme poverty. At the end of October, our colleagues in Burkina Faso hosted members of Earthrise to contribute to the documentary and to share practical and successful agroecological strategies. 

The 25-minute documentary, “Another Great Leap: Can the Solutions to Climate Change Help Us Fix Poverty Too?” explores how ground up solutions, including solar power and agroecology, are contributing to an alternative development model. In the final section of the video (around 16:00), Tsuamba Bourgou and Antoine Sibidi Dori of our partner Association Nourrir sans Détruire, along with farmers from the local communities that we work with, demonstrate agroecological techniques that are improving lands and lives in the Sahel region of Africa.
 Earthrise Climate Change & Poverty Documentary
Agriculture has a paradoxical nature in Africa and in the Sahel in particular–that, in fact, it is often smallholder farmers who are most likely to suffer from hunger and poverty, though they are producing the majority of food. Earthrise’s host, Ndoni Khanylle, highlights agroecology’s role in breaking down this paradox as she learns about zai holes, contour lines, half moon, and other practices farmers are using. Ms. Khanylle also travels to the local market with Fatou Batta, Groundswell’s Regional Facilitator for West Africa, to see the abundance of food grown using agroecological methods. 
Voices on the ground speak loudly and clearly about the benefits and success of agroecology. We would be wise to listen. 
Earthrise is an award-winning environmental show by Al Jazeera Media Network that takes a positive look at ecological, scientific, technological and design projects around the world. Now in its eighth season, Earthrise has produced a special series focusing on climate change to coincide with the global climate summit in Paris. Watch the documentary now and let us know what you think in the comments below. 



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