Fertile Ground: Scaling Agroecology from the Ground Up

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**Fertile Ground is now available in Spanish and French**

Agroecology is our best option for creating a food and farming system capable of nurturing people, societies, and the planet. But it is still not widespread as it should be. Fertile Ground: Scaling Agroecology from the Ground Up, a new book edited by our Executive Director Steve Brescia and published by Food First, offers nine case studies authored by our partners and colleagues from Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, and Europe. These cases, and the lessons that emerge from them, demonstrate how family farmers and their allies are deepening and spreading the practice of agroecology and integrating it into social movements and policy change.

Fertile Ground Cover Draft

“If the food system is made sustainable, it’ll be because of examples like those in this book. Mark Twain has some words for Big Ag: “Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example” This book is filled with good examples that demonstrate the profound potential for agroecology to address everything from climate change to domestic violence. These stories aren’t just inspiration -they’re ammunition for a debate about the future of food and farming.” – Raj Patel, activist, academic, writer, Stuffed and Starved (2007)



Fertile Ground is Now Available

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Fertile Ground is also available in Spanish here and French here.


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