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Family farmers must work creatively and tenaciously, month after month, to transform their lives. They work every day, from preparing their land before the rains come, to bringing in their harvest at the end of the season. Then farmers save their seed as well as their lessons learned, to continue investing in the cycle of creating ever more abundant farms.

To spread and sustain these deep and lasting changes throughout entire communities, farmers need to organize and work effectively together. No one can succeed in isolation.

For this progress to thrive over the long term instead of being undermined after a few years, farmers must also work together to create local markets and supportive policies.

This is the work that Groundswell International does, step by step. We accompany farming communities and strengthen their skills to build healthy farming and food systems from the ground up. By joining us as a sustaining monthly donor, you guarantee we can be there every step of the way to…

  • Create Opportunities: Support farmers’ groups to experiment on their farms, develop successful agroecological strategies, and grow more diverse and abundant food.
  • Grow Organizations: Strengthen effective community organizations so farmers can spread successful ecological farming strategies farmer-to-farmer; manage seed banks and savings and credit groups; and create cooperatives to sell healthy food to local consumers.
  • Gain a Seat at the Table: Ensure the full participation of women, youth and those whose voices are often not heard. Allow farmers’ organizations to engage as citizens to guarantee their rights and ensure supportive policies.


Become a monthly sustaining donor. Over the course of a year:

  • $10 per month provides a farmer with the opportunity to test and apply agroecological strategies to greatly improve their production and income.
  • $25 per month enables a family to regenerate an acre of land of barren land into a productive farm for the long term.
  • $50 per month allows farmers to organize to create a farmer-to-farmer multiplier effect, teaching ten more families to sustainably improve their food production and income.
  • $100 per month strengthens a community organization to grow, sustain change, sell healthy food to local consumers, and engage effectively as citizens.

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Lankoande Francois, Farmer Hero in Burkina Faso from Groundswell International on Vimeo.

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