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Farmer-led Crop Experimentation Preview

Groundswell works side-by-side with carefully selected local partner organizations to tap into and spread the rich store of home-grown knowledge, ensuring that the best solutions to hunger, poverty and environmental degradation are rooted in the local context.

While on tour visiting our @CIKODGH1 partners in Upper West, Ghana, Steve Brescia narrates/films a rural farmer display on the demonstrations fields. The experiment involved several different ground plots of sorghum crop analysis. Three variable inputs were split between ground plots analyzing no-till, till w/ compost, and till with no compost crop mediums. To keep one constant in this experiment, all sorghum crops were plotted the same day. These farmers also encountered natural variables that provided challenges to experimental crop growth.

Press play and listen to the results this farmer discovered as a result of this action learning experimentation.

Groundswell International supports farmer-led innovation to strengthen and amplify agroecology. The urgent task in West Africa is to support, assess and document effective strategies, so that millions of people can overcome the daunting challenges of declining soil fertility, food production, and growing malnutrition.

Please share this video with your network, we appreciate your continued support!

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