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Discover the Future of Food With Haiti’s Rural Farmers [Video]

Few countries face such challenges to rural development as Haiti, which had a per capita GDP of 765.68 USD (2017) (for comparison, the US GDP per capita in that year was 59,531.66 USD). With a high dependency on agriculture, historical government exploitation, and repeated natural disasters, Haiti has developed unsustainable farming and land management practices. Declining soil fertility and scarcity of water and seeds plagues the development of sustainable food systems. As you can imagine, this directly impacts small children, women, and the natural development of families. With increasing stress over recent years, Haitian farmers have struggled to strengthen their knowledge of improved farming practices. We’re delighted that you’ve made the choice to support these farmers and our combined mission of self-sustainability!

Please press play below. We welcome you to view/share the visual experience our Board Members had on a recent visit to our Haitian partner site PDL.  

Since 2009, Groundswell and PDL have supported rural Haitians to create 17 peasant organizations that are leading local development efforts for over 225,000 people. Tens of thousands of farm families have learned to sustainably grow their own food using agroecological techniques. Thanks to your generous donations, these farmers are now creating small farm and food businesses to generate more income for their households and to nourish their children. 

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