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Two Generations Collaborate To Empower Woman Farmers in Haiti (Q&A Video)

In Haiti, we are working with thousands of farmers that do not want to be ‘given’ help – they want the opportunity to lead their own community development processes. Community participation and leadership are essential for any kind of sustainable change. Groundswell International, our local partners, and generous donors support family farmers to build strong, democratically run farmers’ organizations.

On an exciting 2018 trip, several board members traveled to Haiti to get up close and personal with the Haitian farmlands and the people who manage them. We recently caught up with two GSI board members for a special Q&A session we welcome you to view in the interview above. 

*We’d like to send a heartfelt thanks to Peg and Afua for being so kind as to share their direct experience and perspective on the impact donors are creating for rural farmers in Haiti. Please share this video when inspired and leave a comment below. 

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