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Will your seeds grow?

Dear Friends,

Jasper is determined to succeed. He is determined that the seeds he plants this spring, on his farm in Savanette, Haiti, will produce enough food for his family for the year, and extra to sell for income so that his children can go to school. We think he has a good chance. Because in spite of the daunting challenges of living in rural Haiti, Jasper and his neighbors have been preparing together for years, so that they will succeed this spring. And they haven’t been doing it alone.
Since 2009, Groundswell International has been investing in the power of Jasper and the people of Savanette. Without their leadership, ingenuity and hard work, nothing gets done. Our job has been to give them the opportunity to succeed, by investing in their capacities to organize together, improve their farms, and spread real solutions across hundreds of families. That is what lasting change from the ground up looks like.

This spring, I am asking you to invest in this ongoing work, and join us as a monthly sustaining donor.

If you do, together we can create opportunities for family farmers like Jasper to succeed.

Here is how it has worked for Jasper and his neighbors in Savanette. In 2009, they felt stuck. Unsure of how to improve their lives, they were hoping a ‘development project’ would come to give them handouts. Then they learned how a nearby community was organizing and dramatically improving the production of their farms, with the support of Groundswell International and our dynamic local partner organization PDL. 

“We were jealous,” said Jasper. “This was the kind of opportunity we needed for ourselves. So we all signed a letter asking PDL for the same opportunity. We were happy that they accepted to meet with us, and we began to work together, to organize and improve our farms.  Now, seven years later, after gradually building and adding pieces to our organization, we are 2,000 farmers organized and working together. We now grow many crops. We have made our land more fertile. We have set up seed banks and credit coops, so we have access to these resources each season. Now we believe we can continue the work we have started on our own.”
For $10 a month, you can invest in the power of a family farmer like Jasper. Please join us in creating real opportunities, and watch them grow.

Invest in the power of farmers

Become a sustaining donor

With gratitude,



Steve Brescia
Executive Director
Groundswell International

PS – For $20 a month or more, we will send you a copy of our forthcoming book, Fertile Ground: Scaling Agroecology from the Ground Up, filled with examples like Jasper’s. 

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