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Episode 3 – Perspective From The Field

Episode 3 is now live! Join Edwin for a chat about challenges in Honduras and how ecological farming may be a solution to helping rural farmers live happier healthier lives.

Recurrent drought and increasingly unpredictable annual rains have exacerbated the already difficult socio-economic conditions facing farming families in Central America’s Dry Corridor, including Honduras.

When they face recurrent disasters, many farming families adopt negative coping mechanisms, such as eating saved seeds and selling off livestock and other farm assets. It is not uncommon for families to abandon their farms to seek a better life in the city or abroad.

In this episode, Edwin speaks about how with Groundswell’s support, young people can create alternatives to migration and create sustainable lives in their homeland.

When you give to Groundswell, you are investing in the power of rural communities to feed themselves and dramatically reduce hunger, poverty, environmental degradation, and vulnerability to climate change.

Thank you for your continued support, please consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel for more content like this.

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