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Building Collaboration To Amplify Agroecology

We want to extend a thank you and a special acknowledgment to Ernesto Mendez for this thoughtful post he recently made. We’re excited for our collaboration with ALC/UVM this year and have been hard at work planning and organizing our 10th Anniversary Global Conference. Please take a look at Ernesto’s post here: ALC Link

This conference and collaboration are intended to address the local and global challenges of hunger, malnutrition, poverty, environmental destruction, and climate change, we urgently need to change our farming and food systems from the ground up.  One of the most powerful forces to achieve this is the creative capacity of family farmers to innovate and farm productively; working regeneratively with nature instead of against it.  That is the essence of agroecology.   

How do we build collaboration among farmers, NGOs, academia, and philanthropy to scale agroecology and sustainable food systems?  Please join this dialogue, which brings together local leaders, academics and professionals from around the world, to share inspiring cases, generate ideas and build connections and collaboration. We’ll be releasing further details soon so please stay tuned to our social media channels for updated alerts!

Groundswell International is working with family farmers to heal our broken food system. We are helping communities reclaim their food sovereignty, leaving behind destructive corporate-controlled agriculture and forging a path toward more abundant and healthier food, stronger local economies, and thriving landscapes that will feed the next generations. 

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