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Groundswell works side-by-side with carefully selected local partner organizations to tap into, strengthen and spread the rich store of homegrown knowledge and capacity. This ensures that solutions to hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation are locally rooted, lasting and can flourish.

Current Groundswell partners and allies include:

Agroecol Afrique Logo Agrecol Afrique (Senegal), established in 2000, is dedicated to promoting the practice of ecological farming in Africa and support people-centered development of individuals and communities. Groundswell and Agrecol Afrique began working together in 2015 on a regional program in West Africa.  
ANSD Logo Association Nourrir Sans Détruire (Burkina Faso) is a Burkinabe NGO founded in 2010. It’s mission is to strengthen the technical and organizational capacities of small-scale farmers and their grassroots organizations to achieve food security, reduce poverty and protect their natural resources. 
BBP-Pariwar Logo  Boudha Bahanupati Project – Pariwar (Nepal) is a Nepalese NGO founded in 1994 to improve the wellbeing of marginalized populations, especially women and socially excluded dalits (untouchables), living in the remote, mountainous region of central Nepal. BBP-Pariwar works to improve rural families’ livelihoods and food security by spreading ecological agriculture, strengthening community organizations, and building networks among farmers.
 CIKOD Logo Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (Ghana) is a Ghanaian NGO established in 2003. Its mission is to strengthen traditional authorities and civil society organizations to facilitate sustainable grassroots organizational development that gives voice to the poor and vulnerable rural families. CIKOD joined Groundswell in July 2011. 
EkoRural Logo  small EkoRural (Ecuador) is Ecuadorian NGO established in 2009, and is dedicated to helping people help themselves. Through the strengthening of local leadership and organizational and self-management capacities — of women and men as well as children, EkoRural helps impoverished people analyze the roots of their problems and find lasting solutions to them, thereby alleviating the effects of hunger, disease, and poverty. 
GRO Logo small Growing Rural Opportunities (Western North Carolina) is a non-profit organization based in Polk County, and is one of our allies for the Grow Food Where People Live program. The mission of GRO is crafting and creating opportunities for local farms and communities by facilitating education and advancement of agriculture. These activities will enhance sustainable farming operations and entrepreneurial connections in Polk County. 
PDL Logo small Partenariat pour le Développement Local (Haiti) is committed to rebuilding rural Haiti as a foundation for the revitalization of the entire country. PDL seeks to strengthen the capacity of communities and peasant organizations in Haiti to sustainably improve their agricultural production, income generation, food security, health and natural resources management. PDL is a founding member of the Groundswell International. 
 La Asociación Qachuu Aloom “Madre Tierra” (Guatemala) is a nonprofit organization that promotes comprehensive community development and strengthens individual and collective capacities through traditional agriculture and agro-ecology, while promoting the recovery and conservation of native seeds.
Sahel Eco small  Sahel Eco (Mali) was founded in 2004. Their mission is to work with the people of Mali and neighboring countries to improve their living standards through better environmental management. Sahel Eco leads the “Regreening Sokura” project, which has succeeded in promoting a community-led, natural resource management and tree regeneration process in Mali.
VH Logo  Vecinos Honduras (Honduras) is an NGO based in Tegucigalpa. Its goal is to facilitate equitable and participative processes of holistic human development with families and organizations in rural communities; promoting the sustainable use of local resources, food sovereignty, moral and cultural values, community health within the framework of the protection of nature and environmental improvement for the benefit of current and future generations.

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