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Ending the Everyday Emergency: Resilience and Children in the Sahel


Ending the Everyday Emergency: Resilience and Children in the Sahel (2012) –This report is a joint initiative by Save the Children and World Vision, members of the Sahel Working Group. Groundswell is partnered with Sahel Eco, an organization whom is current working on increasing resilience in the Sahel, along with the Sahel Working group. Ending the Everyday Emergency demonstrates that the shortage of food is only part of the crisis. The report aims to assess progress, lessons learned, and challenges in promoting “resilience” in the Sahel, with a particular focus on the well-being of children. The study demonstrates the need for a comprehensive approach to promoting resilience focused on the specific needs of the chronically food insecure families, who are trapped in a hunger cycle. Peter Gubbels of Groundswell International authored the report. The document can also be accessed on Save the Children’s website.

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