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From Vulnerability to Resilience: Agroecology for Sustainable Dryland Management


From Vulnerability to Resilience: Agroecology for Sustainable DryLand Management (2014) This report was written by Edith Van Walsum, Leonardo Van Den Berg, Janneke Bruil, and Groundswell co-founder Peter Gubbels. The paper was originally written for last year’s UNCCD conference but was later peer-reviewed and accepted by the academic online journal, Planet at Risk. Planet at Risk prides itself in “sharing practical know-how for improved risk management”. This paper discusses institutional and political factors that contribute to the gap between evidence and mainstream policies/funding priorities in dryland management. The paper also discusses agroecological practices and the resilience of farming communities in relation to ecosystems. Peter Gubbels writes an informative section on the Sahel region of Africa and agroecological practices occurring there. The writers make the claim that sharing good practices is “not enough to bridge the gap” when it comes to building agro-ecological resistance in rural communities.

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