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The Law of the Seed


The Law of the Seed (2013) is an article published by Navdanya International in 2013. Navdanya International is an organization whose mission is to protect nature and people’s rights to knowledge, biodiversity, water and food. The working group on the Law of the Seed of Navdanya International and the International Commission of the Future of Seed and Food aim to bring “The Law of the Seed” to citizens and governments of the world to put diversity and democracy, sustainability and people’s rights, at the center of the scientific and legal frameworks that govern the seed. This article discusses the importance of agrobiodiversity in providing humanity with food, clothing and medicine and discusses the importance of diversity in seeds, expressing that “Uniformity increases vulnerability and reduces stability in food production”. According to The Law of the Seed corporation breed seeds for uniformity and vulnerability, while farmers breed for diversity and resilience.

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