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The Transnational Institute at Voedsel Anders


The Transnational Institute at Voedsel Anders (2014) is a report on the Voedsel Anders (Food Otherwise Conference) that Olivier de Schutter and Dr. Vandana Shiva, amongst other intellectuals, shared their ideas on transforming food and farming systems. The conference took place at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and had over 800 attendees. You can check out a video summary of the conference here, or visit Vimeo to see a full video of Dr.Vandana Shiva’s speech. This report provides a brief synopsis of the conference, a list of events that occurred, and a summary of what each keynote speaker discussed. Hanny van Geel, member of the steering committee of the European Coordination Via Campesina, another one of the speakers, was quoted as saying, “Food is a Human Right.” 

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