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New Collaboration with Buchi Kombucha and Sow True Seed

We are excited to announce a new way you can get involved with Groundswell and our mission to strengthen healthy food and farming systems! Through our new partnership with Asheville-based social enterprises Buchi Kombucha and Sow True Seed, you can support Groundswell by purchasing Buchi SEED, a new kombucha flavor that donates five cents of every bottle sold directly to Groundswell. The intention behind SEED is to grow the groundswell around the saving and sharing of healthy seeds, a critical part of strengthening food and seed sovereignty. And, for a limited time, Buchi SEED drinkers will also be able to receive a free packet of organic seeds from Sow True Seed!

Groundswell, Buchi, and Sow True Seed share many interesting similarities which makes this partnership an ideal fit. Each organization was founded in 2009 with a commitment to fostering communities that “walk the talk” and creating a healthier future for people and the planet. Additionally, we all rely on community partnerships to fulfill our missions. Buchi relies on growers and producers for its ingredients. Sow True Seed relies on farmers and seed savers to supply open-pollinated seed to its community of gardeners. And Groundswell relies on our amazing local partners to implement work on the ground. As Buchi puts it, “It’s our partnerships that make us!” So, a bit more about our wonderful partners: 

Buchi Kombucha is a community-centered, worker-owned family business based just north of Asheville, North Carolina. The business, which was founded in 2009 by Sarah Schomber and Jeannine Buscher, not only focuses on brewing kombucha – a probiotic rich, all-natural beverage – but is also dedicated to sustainability and fostering social change. “Our intention has always been to donate a portion of the profits to social causes,” says Sarah. “We just needed to grow big enough to do it!” 

Sow True Seed, who also partners with us for our annual Spring Seed Campaign, aims to promote and foster community sustainability by helping to preserve shared botanical heritage and foster a new era of sustainable culture and ecological wisdom. Sow True’s mission is to serve home gardeners, market growers, and the greater seed-saving community. Carol Koury, the founder and president of the company, believes that it is important for them to serve as a space of connection for the wider community to share knowledge such as seed saving techniques and ways that local citizens can help shape policy.

Partner Photo Groundswell Buchi and Sow True

SEED Partners at the Buchi Organic Farm & Brewery. Top Row: Sarah Schomber (Buchi), Jeannine Buscher (Buchi), Chris Smith (Sow True Seed). Bottom Row: Cristina Hall (Groundswell), Zane Adams (Buchi), Mike Numinous (Buchi)

The Buchi founders mentioned to us that they are excited for Buchi to be able to highlight amazing causes with their platform. “There are a lot of stories that we would like to tell,” Sarah says. This new collaborative partnership is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen awareness around issues impacting our global community. Groundswell is so thrilled to be a part of this initiative and we invite you to join us! 

If you support our intention to share and save GMO-free seeds, learn more about how you can support Groundswell through Buchi SEED.
We will be hosting a series of contests and giveaways over the next two weeks. Please also check out the websites of our amazing partners by visiting and

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