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Indigenous Foods for Food Sovereignty of Women in Northern Ghana

By Mary Assumpta Mwinsigten, Pognaa Patricia Dianon, and Rebecca A Sabri of the Rural Women’s Association of Ghana (RUWFAG)  The inability of families to provide three meals a day is a huge cry that we hear coming from the Lawra District in Northern Ghana. For years, the government provided free chemicals and fertilizers to farmers […]

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Limata Zagre

In the eastern region of Burkina Faso sits the small town of Gayeri. Farmers from Gayeri must trek 80 kilometers to the regional capital of Farda to sell their crops. It is an arduous journey where travelers risk being attacked by thieves, and, all too often it results in little economic gain. Limata Zagré, a […]

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Promoting Local Food and Nutrition in Ghana

By Bern Guri, Daniel Banuoku, Elham Mumuni, and Julia Toboyee of Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (CIKOD) Traditional food fairs are an important tool and space to promote food sovereignty because it takes place in people’s own land and within their own socio-cultural setting. At a 2011 food fair organized by CIKOD, women farmers […]

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Investing in Self-Reliance for Haitian Women

Earlier this year, a few members from the First Presbyterian Social Justice Committee in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania traveled to Haiti to witness for themselves the swelling growth of communities they have chosen to support in tandem with both Groundswell and our partner in Haiti, Partenariat pour le Développement Local (PDL). Through the Social Justice Committee’s support, […]

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World Food Day 2013

Today marks the 32nd annual World Food Day. This year’s theme is “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition.” Groundswell International works with our partner organizations overseas to promote food security and nutrition through sustainable farming practices, and on this occasion, we would like to emphasize the importance of collaborative efforts in meeting these ends. […]

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Are You a Responsible Consumer?

Responsible consumption involves making thoughtful choices about the foods we buy and consume by considering the environmental, political, social, and economic consequences of our decisions. Recently, Groundswell International facilitated workshops in Honduras and Guatemala for grassroots leaders about responsible food consumption and how to educate communities about local food systems and food sovereignty. The  workshops, led by Jackie Chenier, Groundswell’s […]

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2012 Annual Report Now Available

Groundswell International’s most recent annual report is now uploaded to our site!  In 2012, Groundswell worked with local partners in eight countries to help over 300,000 people in community-based women and farmers’ organizations improve their lives and communities. We invested 87% of our total revenue in programs for social change and only 13% in fundraising […]

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Advocating for Consumer Rights and GMO Labeling

World Consumers Rights Day 2013   Groundswell International believes in a consumer’s right to know what is in the food they are eating. Despite the fact that 82% of American consumers believe that GMOs should be labeled, there are still no regulations in the United States for the labeling of genetically-modified products. On the other […]

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David Lopez

The village of San Antonio of Las Guarumas, in Honduras, has not always been a united community. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and much of the poverty is concentrated in rural communities like San Antonio. Farming is one of the main sources of income in rural areas, but many regions […]

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Improving household livelihoods in Burkina Faso

Like the other countries in the Sahel, Burkina Faso is facing a food crisis and widespread hunger. Almost two million Burkinabe do not have enough to eat. Much of this hunger is concentrated in rural areas, where many communities suffer from chronic food insecurity despite the fact that they are farmers. Erratic rains and poor […]

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