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Growing debate in Ghana over Plant Breeder’s Bill

There is currently growing debate in Ghana over a piece of legislation called the Plant Breeder’s Bill which would provide “plant breeders”, (i.e. agri-businesses and research institutions) proprietary rights over seeds, rather than farmers. Many are concerned that the bill would make it illegal for farmers to save and plant externally produced seed. Last week, […]

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What Your Support Helped Accomplish in 2013

With 2014 underway, Groundswell International would like to reflect on 2013 and celebrate another wonderful year of collaboration with our global partners. In Haiti, West Africa, Latin America, and now Asia, we continue working to build healthy farming and food systems from the ground up. Below we have provided some key highlights of 2013. New […]

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Promoting Local Food and Nutrition in Ghana

By Bern Guri, Daniel Banuoku, Elham Mumuni, and Julia Toboyee of Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (CIKOD) Traditional food fairs are an important tool and space to promote food sovereignty because it takes place in people’s own land and within their own socio-cultural setting. At a 2011 food fair organized by CIKOD, women farmers […]

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African Food Sovereignty Alliance on GMOS in Africa

The Washington Post Editorial Board published an opinion piece in October 2013 titled, “Genetically modified crops should be a part of Africa’s food future”. The editors argued, “it is a shame to abandon these crops based on irrational fears and suspicions. If Europeans choose to forego genetically modified food, they can do so without risking […]

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Farming Matters: September 2013 Edition

Farming Matters, a quarterly magazine published by one of Groundswell’s West Africa program partners—The Center for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture in the Netherlands (ILEIA)—aims to highlight participatory knowledge of small-scale agriculture. Bringing to light the intersectionalities between sustainable, small-scale farming, food security, social justice and environmental health, Farming Matters places the work of local farmers […]

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Annual Global Forum kicks off next week in Asheville, NC

We are looking forward to the start of our fifth annual global forum this coming week! As Groundswell International has become more established and solidified, we are excited to both reflect on our progress and successes of the past year, and delve deeper into specific issues regarding our programs; specifically issues of gender, the strengthening […]

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The Battle for African Food Sovereignty

Last week, Groundswell co-founder Fatou Batta and Groundswell partner Bern Guri met in Ethiopia with other African leaders and farmer organizations to discuss strategies for resistance against genetically modified (GM) seeds. The meeting was coordinated by The Alliance for Food Sovereignty (AFSA), a pan-African network established in 2009 to represent the voices of small farmers […]

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Food Sovereignty Ghana: Commentary on GM Technology

This commentary on the adoption of Genetically Modified technology in Ghana was recently released by Food Sovereignty Ghana (FSG), a grassroots movement dedicated to achieving food justice in in the country. FSG focuses on resource and human rights issues in the country, citing one of the most urgent as “the introduction of GM food technology into our […]

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Farming Matters: June 2013 Edition

The Centre for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture in the Netherlands (ILEIA), one of Groundswell International’s program partners in West Africa, publishes a quarterly magazine, Farming Matters, in order to share knowledge about small-scale agriculture. Farming Matters places the work of local farmers in a global context, providing examples of how sustainable, small-scale farming helps create […]

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