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Africa’s Soil Fertility Crisis and the Coming Famine

“In Koboko Village in Malawi in September 2009, some 30 mothers and their children were gathering under a huge shade tree—the traditional site for the village’s meetings. Gradually they squeezed together on an assortment of hand-woven mats and rough-hewn wooden chairs. The village chief and a few of his advisors faced the women, seated next […]

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Mali update from Roland Bunch

Mali is facing a severe soil fertility crisis that must be met with major efforts to support farmers to develop farming methods that will significantly improve their soil fertility at little cost and without displacing their crops.  Population pressures have all but ended the traditional practice of fallowing land that had maintained soil fertility.  Chemical […]

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Groundswell partners with Oxfam America in Mali

In September Groundswell launched a program in Mali, West Africa, in partnership and with financial support from Oxfam America.  The program will be led by our long-time colleague Roland Bunch, a respected global expert on sustainable agriculture. In recent years Oxfam has developed an excellent approach of savings-led formation of women’s groups in Mali, leading […]

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