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Seed Terms Defined

This blog post was written by Anna Greene, one of our amazing volunteers. The post covers the basics of some of the seed and agriculture terms being used in this year’s Spring Seed Campaign. Starting from the broader terms that encompass Groundswell’s work, and moving down to the more specific, learning these terms will help […]

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Farmers and Consumers v. Monsanto: David Meets Goliath

Below is an article by Tory Field and Beverly Bell of Other Worlds. The article is one in a series of food sovereignty blog posts about their new publication Harvesting Justice: Transforming Food, Land, and Agricultural Systems in the Americas. This article discusses the current state of agribusiness giant Monsanto and what farmers are doing to challenge […]

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What to do with your GMO-free seeds from Groundswell

Groundswell International recently sent out hundreds of seed packets across the United States to spread GMO-free seeds and to empower farmers around the world access to healthy seeds. To make the most of this initiative, we need your help. If you haven’t signed up to receive seeds yet, you can do so by clicking here. We recognize that […]

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Spreading Healthy Seeds in Haiti

Around the world, Groundswell International is working with local partners to spread healthy seeds and build sustainable, local food and seed systems. In Haiti, Groundswell works with partner Partenariat pour le Développement Local (PDL) to build community-managed seed banks that provide seeds to family farmers through a lending program. “ At the beginning of the rainy season, […]

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Groundswell Launches Spring Seed Campaign

To see things in the seed, that is genius. – Lao Tzu Seeds are the basis of everything: the food we eat, the beginnings of an idea, and the germination of a movement.  Often we forget the power of something so small, but seeds are a critical part of the global food system, and the […]

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Updates from the Groundswell Board

The following post is written by our Community Outreach Coordinator, Cristina Hall.  This past Saturday I attended my first Groundswell International Board meeting since I joined the team in September of 2012. While I was intellectually aware of how international our Board is, I was really struck with this fact as the members called in […]

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Advocating for Consumer Rights and GMO Labeling

World Consumers Rights Day 2013   Groundswell International believes in a consumer’s right to know what is in the food they are eating. Despite the fact that 82% of American consumers believe that GMOs should be labeled, there are still no regulations in the United States for the labeling of genetically-modified products. On the other […]

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Sowing True Seed in Asheville, NC

At Groundswell International, we love working with passionate individuals and organizations who share our vision for a healthy, resilient global community. Sow True Seed, a company specializing in open-pollinated, non-hybrid, and untreated seed, certainly shares this vision. They grow and source over 500 varieties of seeds, from vegetables to flowers and more, and are dedicated to supporting local […]

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Improving household livelihoods in Burkina Faso

Like the other countries in the Sahel, Burkina Faso is facing a food crisis and widespread hunger. Almost two million Burkinabe do not have enough to eat. Much of this hunger is concentrated in rural areas, where many communities suffer from chronic food insecurity despite the fact that they are farmers. Erratic rains and poor […]

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Strengthening food security in Ecuador

Since 2009, Groundswell International has partnered with EkoRural to strengthen food security in marginalized rural communities in Ecuador. The communities that EkoRural and Groundswell work with are located in the Andean highlands. Many of the communities are indigenous with high poverty rates (over 80%), and women and children are particularly affected. Climate change is influencing […]

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