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No, Food Justice Is Not A Trend – These College Students Prove That

The way we think about food systems is largely shaped by a dominant narrative that underpins the following myths:

“We can only feed the growing world population by increasing agricultural productivity based largely on the use of industrial inputs. Only biotech science and the global food corporations can find effective solutions to feed the world. Innovation and useful knowledge come only from science and technology, driven by experts and protected by patents.”

The main problem with this narrative is that planning, action and assessment are based on short-term economic indicators. Social, ecological, cultural and spiritual indicators and rights are ignored. This bias leads to a food system that is only successful and efficient within the logic of short-term economics, but disastrous in the long-term to stable food production for nutrition and health.

Degraded and infertile soils deficient in essential nutrients are increasing, undermining current and future capability of food production. Major decision-making processes continue to discriminate against small-scale farmers and women. Farmers’ seed systems are the basis of diverse, healthy food and farmer resilience in the face of climate change, yet seed laws and intellectual property rights legislation continue to weaken these systems, undermining social justice and good governance. Many people around the world are still hungry and there are huge nutritional problems ranging from growth-stunting to obesity, precursors to many chronic diseases.

Only when we change the beliefs and values of the current narrative can we place women producers in the centre, and shift our food systems towards effective production, nutrition and health.

Decisive and urgent action is now needed to change the dominant narrative surrounding food systems in West Africa, Latin America, and Haiti. The severe threat posed to people’s food sovereignty and health is increasingly a barrier to sustainable development. Thank you for supporting Groundswell by sharing this post on your social platforms and consider becoming a sustained monthly donor.

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