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Nochixtlan, Oaxaca, Mexico – Community Seed Celebration

Your generous support impacts indigenous farming culture around the world, thank you.


The work community organizations are doing with the support of Groundswell to strengthen native seed systems for improved food production and climate resilience is an example of the kinds of changes your generous support impacts.

Attached are a couple of photos from a community fair where local seeds and indigenous culture were celebrated.

The traditional dancers are local teenagers who made their own costumes and walked several hours to attend and celebrated their culture.

Their colorful costumes and dance represent the bio-diverse traditional ‘milpa’ system (corn, beans, squash and more) innovated by farmers in this region centuries ago.

The ‘corn cow’ costume wins the prize for one of the cooler costumes we have ever seen.

Happy holidays to all, and thanks for your valuable role in helping Groundswell International to achieve our mission.

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