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Sowing True Seed in Asheville, NC

At Groundswell International, we love working with passionate individuals and organizations who share our vision for a healthy, resilient global community. Sow True Seed, a company specializing in open-pollinated, non-hybrid, and untreated seed, certainly shares this vision. They grow and source over 500 varieties of seeds, from vegetables to flowers and more, and are dedicated to supporting local agriculture and healthy food education. Sow True Seed is also committed to distributing information about seed saving and preserving biodiversity, a value that Groundswell wholeheartedly shares. Recently, Chris Sacco, Groundswell’s Operations Director, and Cristina Hall, Community Outreach Coordinator, had the privilege of getting a “behind the seeds” tour at the Sow True Seed Asheville facility. 

Sow True works with local and regional growers to produce their seed. While in years past seed-saving was a common practice around the world, recent generations have begun to lose the knowledge of how to save and reproduce seeds. In the United States, the practice of seed-saving began to fall out of practice around World War II, and this knowledge is already lost in many areas. Communities around the world face a similar problem. In many parts of Latin America and Africa, farmers have become reliant on inputs, including fertilizers, pesticides, and GMO and hybrid seeds, produced by agroindustry. Since GMO seeds are usually sterile, farmers who rely on them lose their ability to save and produce their own seeds. This perpetuates a cycle of dependency, undermines seed and food sovereignty, and puts many farmers at risk for food insecurity.

Organizations like Sow True Seed and Groundswell are dedicated to helping farmers preserve, and in some cases win back, their seed and food sovereignty. Groundswell supports community organizations and individuals around the world that are working to reintroduce native seeds, build community-managed seed banks, and establish rural businesses through seed sales.  This spring Groundswell is excited to partner with Sow Tree Seed on a new campaign, so stay tuned to the blog and newsletter for updates. To learn more about Sow True Seed, visit their website or Facebook page. They also have a retail store in downtown Asheville. 


We are also pleased to announce that we have opened a new office in Asheville, North Carolina! Chris Sacco has been working out of the Western North Carolina area for many years, and with the addition of two new staff members, Groundswell decided to open its Coordination Office in North Carolina. The coordination team supports Groundswell’s global network of local partners in their efforts to implement people-centered development programs in Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, and Mali. 

Groundswell is looking forward to building partnerships with local organizations and getting more involved in the sustainable agriculture movement in Western North Carolina. If you are located in WNC and are interested in getting more involved in the Groundswell movement, please contact Cristina at

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