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Farming Matters: September 2013 Edition

Farming Matters, a quarterly magazine published by one of Groundswell’s West Africa program partners—The Center for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture in the Netherlands (ILEIA)—aims to highlight participatory knowledge of small-scale agriculture. Bringing to light the intersectionalities between sustainable, small-scale farming, food security, social justice and environmental health, Farming Matters places the work of local farmers […]

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Adjima Dianou

Burkina Faso, like other countries located in the Sahel region of Africa, is experiencing a food crisis due to persistent drought. Almost two million Burkinabe do not have enough to eat, many of them surviving on just one meal per day. Hunger is largely concentrated in rural agricultural areas where subsistence farmers are unable to produce […]

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Celebrating Opportunities for Women

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2013, our Community Outreach Coordinator, Cristina Hall, wrote an article about some of the actions Groundswell is taking every day in support of social equality and women’s empowerment. Groundswell believes that social equity is critical to building healthy, resilient communities. As a woman and an advocate for social equity, I […]

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Women Farmers Feed the World

Woman in Burkina Faso picking vegetables from her garden.

In West Africa, women’s resistance to the new Green Revolution shows that the question of agricultural sustainability is also a question of equality. It’s harvest season in Burkina Faso. Throughout the West African nation’s rural regions, small farmers—mostly women—are harvesting millet, rice, and sorghum to feed large families. After a full day gathering grains, each […]

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Mr. Ouedraogo’s farm is our classroom

Kombari (smiling on left) and members of the Gayeri women's group

Dear Friends,

I wish you could have been with me as I sat and listened to Kombari Odette and the other members of the Gayeri women’s group sharing their excitement about what they learned during a recent cross visit to Zandoma Province in northern Burkina Faso. Fatou Batta, Groundswell’s Co-Coordinator for West Africa, and 26 participants from 9 villages visited nearly a dozen sites to learn about how to increase food production on their barren land.

Kombari said, “We were amazed at how the women from those communities are growing vegetables on land that is even worse than ours. We now know we can do that as well.”

Another farmer who inspired them was Mr. Ouedraogo, because he is successfully regenerating and farming land that was completely degraded just a few years ago. Mr. Ouedraogo showed cross visit participants how to break through the rock-like surface of the land using techniques called half-moons and horse powered zaï. This allows him to capture and retain rainwater, to add compost, and to increase soil fertility and his crop production.

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Progress in Promoting Ecological Agriculture and Food Security in Eastern Burkina Faso

Fatou Batta, Groundswell's Co-Coordinator for West Africa

Between January and May 2010, Fatou Batta, Groundswell’s Co-Coordinator for West Africa, organized a series of planning workshops that brought together representatives of a number of government agencies, non-governmental and community-based organizations working in the field of agroecology to define a shared vision to improve the food security and wellbeing of tens of thousands of […]

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Fatou Batta: food solutions by and for people and the planet

On April 1st and 2nd, Fatou Batta, Groundswell’s Co-Coordinator for West Africa, participated as a panelist at a session on Food Solutions at the Pacific Northwest Funders Conference in Seattle. Fatou’s presentation, titled “Food Solutions by and for People and the Planet”, was extremely well received by conference attendees. Please take a few moments to […]

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Fatou Batta: African women promoting ecological agriculture and local food alternatives

Today, the 100th International Women’s Day, is the perfect time to honor Fatoumata Batta, Groundswell’s Co-Coordinator for West Africa. Fatou has made immeasurable contributions to the health and wellbeing of women in her native Burkina Faso as well as women-led initiatives across West Africa. Fatou is presently leading a Groundswell program in eastern Burkina Faso […]

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