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The most important innovation for agriculture in Africa: Democracy

Government of Ghana opposes GMOs

The front page headline of Ghana’s Business and Financial Times for January 17, 2020 reads:  “National Well-being wins over foreign interests as the gov’t ditches GMOs.”   The article quotes a dramatic statement from Ghana’s Agriculture Minister Dr. Akoto Owusu Afriyie, rejecting the need for GMO seeds in Ghana.  “I’m a scientist,” said Minister Afriyie. “I believe in […]

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Jeffrey Smith Visits Ecuador to Talk About GMOs

Jeffrey Smith, Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology and author of the film “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives”, recently traveled to Ecuador to meet with different government officials and activist groups about the risks of GMOs. Stephen Sherwood, a Groundswell co-founder and Board member who lives in Ecuador, met with Jeffrey while […]

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Video: Cultivating the Future Women Farmers in Ghana

Below is the fourth and final video in the Groundswell Video Series! In Africa, there is a saying: “I am because we are”. We are all part of a global food and farming system, and there are thousands of family farmers, activists, local organizations, and passionate individuals just like you working together to strengthen food sovereignty, stand […]

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US Government Pressures El Salvador to Accept GM Corn

The US government has aggressively been promoting the interests of the biotech industry in developing countries by setting conditions for USAID packages. The most recent and blatant example was in El Salvador, where the Millennium Challenge Compact  renewal grant of over 200 million dollars was contingent on El Salvador changing its policies to allow Monsanto to […]

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New Collaboration with Buchi Kombucha and Sow True Seed

We are excited to announce a new way you can get involved with Groundswell and our mission to strengthen healthy food and farming systems! Through our new partnership with Asheville-based social enterprises Buchi Kombucha and Sow True Seed, you can support Groundswell by purchasing Buchi SEED, a new kombucha flavor that donates five cents of every bottle sold directly […]

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Whole Earth Summit Announcement

“Heroes are people who say: This is my community, and it’s my responsibility to make it better.” -Tom McCall The Ashevillage Institute is holding a free online conference called The Whole Earth Summit that discusses global issues. The Whole Earth Summit is scheduled March 11-13. Forty-two global leaders will share valuable insights around food, water, […]

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Growing debate in Ghana over Plant Breeder’s Bill

There is currently growing debate in Ghana over a piece of legislation called the Plant Breeder’s Bill which would provide “plant breeders”, (i.e. agri-businesses and research institutions) proprietary rights over seeds, rather than farmers. Many are concerned that the bill would make it illegal for farmers to save and plant externally produced seed. Last week, […]

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Top Updates from the Ground in 2013

Below are some of 2013’s top stories from Groundswell’s Updates from the Ground.    Myth: GMOs Are Needed to Solve the Food Crisis A common argument used in the case for GMOs is that they are needed to solve the food crisis. This argument overlooks three key facts: GMOs are not safe, genetically-modified seeds reduce biodiversity, […]

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