Haiti Earthquake

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15 Top Updates from the Ground in 2015

2015 was an exciting year of growth and inspiration for Groundswell International. We are thrilled to have seen growing global recognition that in order to truly address hunger, poverty, and climate change in the long-term, we must empower people to help themselves, partner with local communities, and invest in farming practices that are better for people and the planet. We’ve enjoyed sharing […]

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Post Earthquake: Haiti Five Years Later

“Groundswell and PDL share a ten-year vision of a prosperous and sustainable Haiti countryside as the foundation for national development: Haiti’s rural communities will be healthier and more productive, community organizations will be stronger and have greater control over their resources and destinies, and soils and natural resources will be conserved.” (January 2010) The aftermath of […]

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Fault Lines: Views across Haiti’s Divide

Groundswell International is excited to share the release of Fault Lines: Views Across Haiti’s Divide, new publication by our friend and colleague, Beverly Bell. Below is more information from Cornell University Press about the book.  Beverly Bell, an activist and award-winning writer, has spent the last three decades working for democracy, women’s rights, and economic […]

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Images of Haiti’s rural communities building the future

Since 2009, Groundswell International and partner organization Partenariat pour le Développement Local (PDL), have been working to strengthen rural communities as a foundation for Haiti’s development. The devastation of the January 2010 earthquake further reinforced the need to invest in building resilient rural communities. Below is a slideshow showcasing a few of the local leaders […]

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Haiti’s rural communities lead the way toward national renewal

Three years have passed since the January 12, 2010 earthquake, and Haiti still waits for the implementation of a comprehensive earthquake reconstruction plan. Many thousands of families still live under tents or in makeshift homes without any basic services and on land that is at-risk from flooding and landslides. The economic infrastructure still waits to […]

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Baseball in the Time of Cholera

Just 10 months after the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake, one of the largest cholera epidemics in modern history swept across Haiti. As of June 10, 2012, 555,328 cases of cholera had been reported, over 300,000 people had been hospitalized, and the disease had killed 7,260 people since the outbreak began. The situation stabilized for […]

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Frequent natural disasters devastate farmers, limit food supply in Haiti

Natural disasters are frequent in Haiti, and many peasant farmers say they must start over after each one. They complain that foreign aid is not reaching them and government initiatives are misguided. Some are migrating to cities, reducing food production nationwide. By Rosenie Mont-Gerard, Reporter, Global Press Institute Haiti News Desk JÉRÉMIE, HAITI – Juste […]

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Interview with Cantave Jean-Baptiste about PDL’s work in Haiti

Q.  More analysts are recognizing that the foundation for Haiti’s future development needs to be built on support to family farmers and rural communities to improve agriculture and food production and decentralize development. But from your perspective, how do you do that? A.  Partenariat pour le Développement Local (PDL) supports small farmer families to improve […]

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Two years after Haiti’s earthquake, rural communities rebuild the future

January 12th marks the second anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake.  “This is an important moment for us to work with others to build a new rural Haiti,” says Cantave Jean-Baptiste, Director of Partenariat pour le Développement Local (PDL) and co-founder and partner of Groundswell International.  “We have to think bigger. We don’t just want to […]

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Report on recent Groundswell trip to Haiti

During the week of February 13 – 19, 2011, we traveled to Haiti to meet with Partnership for Local Development (PLD), Groundswell’s main partner organization in Haiti, to observe and assess the work undertaken during the past year, strengthen PLD’s Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) system, and collaborate to adjust strategies and plans for the […]

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