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Frequent natural disasters devastate farmers, limit food supply in Haiti

Natural disasters are frequent in Haiti, and many peasant farmers say they must start over after each one. They complain that foreign aid is not reaching them and government initiatives are misguided. Some are migrating to cities, reducing food production nationwide. By Rosenie Mont-Gerard, Reporter, Global Press Institute Haiti News Desk JÉRÉMIE, HAITI – Juste […]

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Jacques Jille

Jacques Jille is the leader of Peasant Organization of La Victoire (OPLD), a community-based organization serving La Victoire and surrounding rural areas in Haiti's North Department.

Jacques Jille is the leader of the Peasant Organization of La Victoire (OPLD), a community-based organization serving La Victoire and surrounding rural areas in Haiti’s North Department. Jacques and other OPDL members support more than 8,000 Haitian farm families, strengthening their long-term capacities to sustainably improve their livelihoods, food sovereignty, health and natural resources management. […]

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One year later in Haiti: building a solid foundation

On a mountain top several hours north of Port-au-Prince, twenty-five rural villages have organized themselves and are working hard to improve their lives.  By doing so, they are helping to lay one block in the foundation for Haiti’s future.  In spite of the earthquake, cholera and the political uncertainty created by recent flawed elections, they […]

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Was your donation for the Haiti earthquake spent well?

As the one year anniversary of the terrible January 12 earthquake approaches, many of those who have contributed to Haiti relief and recovery efforts have expressed frustration at the lack of progress.  As much as 20% of Haiti’s total population remains displaced and more than a million people are doing their best to survive in […]

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Join Cantave Jean-Baptiste at the TransAfrica Forum: Haiti, >From Survival to Sovereignty

The TransAfrica Forum has invited Cantave Jean-Baptiste to Washington, DC next week to share his perspectives on Haiti. Cantave will be the keynote presenter at Haiti: >From Survival to Sovereignty, a special series of events in conjunction with the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference. The opening event will be held on Monday, September 13, […]

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Six months after the Haiti earthquake: An interview with Cantave Jean-Baptiste, Director of Partnership for Local Development

  Steve Brescia: Cantave, what is the current situation in Haiti 6 months after the earthquake? Cantave Jean-Baptiste: People are still waiting for the government and international organizations to address the challenges and problems created by the earthquake on January 12.  Port-au-Prince remains almost the same …  It will probably take about 10 years to […]

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Trip Report from Haiti

Two months after the earthquake it is hard to imagine the future for Port-au-Prince.  About half of the structures have been reduced to rubble, and much of what remains standing needs to be rebuilt.  People are gathering rebar and scrap metal from the wreckage, piling it along the sides of street to create an informal […]

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Haitians help each other

Within three weeks of the January 12th earthquake that devastated Haiti, Groundswell’s partner organization, Partnership for Local Development (PLD), had carried out site visits and held planning meetings with the nine peasant organizations they support.  Their initial survey revealed that about 10,000 urban people had been displaced by the disaster to these rural areas. The […]

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