Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

An overwhelming majority of families in Burkina Faso rely on farming to survive. Mainly through small subsistence farms, farmers in Burkina are dependent on a stable environment to grow enough crops to support their family and maintain healthy livelihoods. However, reduced rainfall, declining soil fertility, and deteriorating natural resources are threatening this. Burkina Faso faces the challenges of improving their farming methods for a future of population growth and danger of widespread famine.

Our Partners in Burkina Faso

Since 2009, Groundswell and ANSD have supported farmers groups to test and spread effective agroecological strategies to overcome food shortages. A farmer-to-farmer network is organized to "cascade" these practices across 60 villages - restoring barren soils, regenerating trees on the land, and increasing production. Women are organizing to cultivate vegetables, nourish their families, generate income, and grow their voices as community leaders.

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Country Facts:

  • Population: 17,590,000
  • 46.7% live on $1.90 or less per day
  • 90% of people making their livelihood through agriculture
  • 70 languages spoken
  • Top commodities: Sorghum, Maize, & Millet

OUR LOCAL PARTNER: Association Nourrir Sans Détruire (ANSD)

Director: Tsuamba Bourgou

Mission: To strengthen the capacities of small-scale farmers and their communities to achieve food security, reduce poverty, and protect natural resources, and to develop extensive partnerships with women and farmer associations, rural communities, other NGOS, and research institutes in order to work towards their overall mission.


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