In the last century, Ecuador shifted to an increasingly commercialized food system. In the beginning, Ecuador saw mild “success” from the modernization of agriculture, as production increased, but now the country is heading toward severe socio-environmental decline as biodiversity is being lost, soils and hydric systems are being degraded, and new chronic health concerns from mass pesticide exposure are causing malnutrition across the population.

Our Partners in Ecuador

EkoRural is a founding partner of Groundswell International. We support their work with communities in the central Andean highlands to recover, produce and disseminate native seed varieties, and spread agroecological farming methods. EkoRural strengthens local markets and community supported agriculture through the “canastas comunitarias” movement, and we collaborate nationally and regional to promote healthy local food consumption.


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Country Facts:

  • Population: 15,902,916
  • 4.4% live on $1.90 or less per day
  • 25.3% of people making their livelihood through agriculture
  • 24 languages spoken


Director: Ross Borja

Mission: For rural Ecuadorians to lead their own development to improve local food production and resilience through sustainable, local food systems

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