With a steadily growing population and 41.5% of employment sourced in agriculture, there is increased pressure in Ghana to produce high yields despite poor soil fertility. Traditional practices of farming are being affected as farmers wrestle to keep up with increasing demands. Additionally, unpredictable rainfall and other consequences of climate change are threatening the yields of family farms. Ghanaian farmers are confronted with the need to improve farming techniques in this rapidly changing environment.

Our Partners in Ghana

Groundswell and CIKOD are working with 34 villages, traditional chiefs, and women’s networks to test and spread agroecological farming and the regeneration of trees on farmland. They are pushing back against deforestation, producing and consuming more diverse, healthy food, and generating income. CIKOD is supporting citizens to engage in district food security planning and create enabling policies for agroecology.

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Country Facts:

  • Population 26,786,598
  • % live on
  • 41.5% of people making their livelihood through agriculture

OUR LOCAL PARTNER: Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (CIKOD)

Director: Bernard Guri

Mission: To strengthen the capacities of communities through traditional authorities and local institutions to utilize their local and appropriate external resources for their own development and for future generations.


Creating Policies that Support Agroecology in Ghana

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