Senegal MapTraditional farming practices can no longer sustain livelihoods in the wake of declining soil fertility, population pressure and climate change. The area is characterized by highly variable rainfall, and increasing incidences of drought create widespread food shortages. Women and girls face the greatest challenges, as deep-rooted inequalities within the patriarchal culture keep them in low social positions and restrict their access to basic services and participation in decision making. Development in Senegal must focus on increasing resiliency of communities living within the Sahel region, with an emphasis on the wellbeing of women.

Our Partners in Senegal

Groundswell began collaboration with Agrecol Afrique in 2015. We work together, along with other partners in West Africa, on a regional program supporting farmers to deepen and spread agroecological practices, strengthen women’s roles, and improve family nutrition. Agrecol Afrique has strong capacity to work with womens’ and farmers’ organizations to support organic agriculture and local food markets.

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Country Facts:

  • Population 14,672,557 people
  • 38.0% live on $1.90 or less per day
  • 46.1% of people making their livelihood through agriculture

OUR LOCAL PARTNER: Agrecol Afrique

Director: Djibril Thiam

Mission: To promote the practice of ecological farming in Africa and support people-centered development of individuals and communities.

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