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The most important innovation for agriculture in Africa: Democracy

Government of Ghana opposes GMOs

The front page headline of Ghana’s Business and Financial Times for January 17, 2020 reads:  “National Well-being wins over foreign interests as the gov’t ditches GMOs.”   The article quotes a dramatic statement from Ghana’s Agriculture Minister Dr. Akoto Owusu Afriyie, rejecting the need for GMO seeds in Ghana.  “I’m a scientist,” said Minister Afriyie. “I believe in […]

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We are winning! This is a little sign that our advocacy work is yielding results.

We’d love for our supporters to see this article below from Ghana. CIKOD, with the support of Groundswell and others, has been strengthening and spreading agroecological alternatives as well as working with a national Agroecology Movement to support laws that strengthen local seed systems and prohibit GMOs.   Ghana does not need GMO to ensure […]

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Celebrating Rural Women and Their Power to Change the World

“When women are empowered and can claim their rights and access to land, leadership, opportunities and choices, economies grow, food security is enhanced and prospects are improved for current and future generations.” – Michelle Bachelet, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women On October 15, the United Nations and global community observe the International Day of […]

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Video: Cultivating the Future Women Farmers in Ghana

Below is the fourth and final video in the Groundswell Video Series! In Africa, there is a saying: “I am because we are”. We are all part of a global food and farming system, and there are thousands of family farmers, activists, local organizations, and passionate individuals just like you working together to strengthen food sovereignty, stand […]

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Indigenous Foods for Food Sovereignty of Women in Northern Ghana

By Mary Assumpta Mwinsigten, Pognaa Patricia Dianon, and Rebecca A Sabri of the Rural Women’s Association of Ghana (RUWFAG)  The inability of families to provide three meals a day is a huge cry that we hear coming from the Lawra District in Northern Ghana. For years, the government provided free chemicals and fertilizers to farmers […]

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Steve’s Field Notes: West Africa & Haiti

Dear Friends, Groundswell is about catalyzing change – not just implementing short-term projects. When Groundswell was established in 2009, we made the intentional choice to create a partnership of rooted local organizations led by visionary people. We believe that the creativity and initiative of our partners around the world will strengthen and shape our global […]

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Advocating for Agroecology in West Africa

Steve Brescia, Groundswell International’s Executive Director, is currently in Burkina Faso for the second workshop of a two-year regional project to scale agroecology in West Africa funded by the New Venture Fund’s International Fund to Amplify Agro-Ecological Solutions (IFAAES). The project builds on Groundswell’s work strengthening family farmers and farmers’ organizations in Burkina Faso, Ghana, […]

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Growing debate in Ghana over Plant Breeder’s Bill

There is currently growing debate in Ghana over a piece of legislation called the Plant Breeder’s Bill which would provide “plant breeders”, (i.e. agri-businesses and research institutions) proprietary rights over seeds, rather than farmers. Many are concerned that the bill would make it illegal for farmers to save and plant externally produced seed. Last week, […]

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Promoting Local Food and Nutrition in Ghana

By Bern Guri, Daniel Banuoku, Elham Mumuni, and Julia Toboyee of Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (CIKOD) Traditional food fairs are an important tool and space to promote food sovereignty because it takes place in people’s own land and within their own socio-cultural setting. At a 2011 food fair organized by CIKOD, women farmers […]

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Food Sovereignty Ghana: Commentary on GM Technology

This commentary on the adoption of Genetically Modified technology in Ghana was recently released by Food Sovereignty Ghana (FSG), a grassroots movement dedicated to achieving food justice in in the country. FSG focuses on resource and human rights issues in the country, citing one of the most urgent as “the introduction of GM food technology into our […]

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